Five Professionals Who Make Great Franchise Candidates

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BooXkeeping franchise candidates are driven, hard-working people who stand to benefit from the flexibility our model offers. In particular, there are many professionals of all ages that tend to be especially well-suited to working with us. We’ve selected the top five professionals who should consider the possibility of opening up a bookkeeping franchise with us.

Who Is a Good Fit For Owning a Bookkeeping Business?

Stay At Home Parents

Not many people are underappreciated by society the way stay-at-home parents are, but studies show that children benefit greatly from spending more time with a parent. Virtual bookkeeping is perfect for parents because it doesn’t force them to choose between a career and children. You can take on the amount of work you’re suited to taking and make every day ‘bring your kids to work day.’ 


The discipline and assorted soft skills of military life transfer well to work as a bookkeeper, and this is doubly true for anyone who performed administrative work. If you’re looking for work immediately after leaving the armed forces, then a BooXkeeping franchise gives you an unparalleled level of support in rejoining civilian life at your own pace. As a final token of support, all veterans receive a 30% discount on the initial franchising fee after signing up within five years of their honorable discharge.

Active Military Spouses

Military spouses are well-suited to running an online bookkeeping business, whether they travel with their spouse or not. Life can be complicated and challenging as an entrepreneur military spouse, but there are many resources to help you start a career while you wait for your partner to come home. No matter what ambitious plans you make for your future together, you’ll be able to seamlessly continue your career as a bookkeeper. Additionally, active military spouses also benefit from our 30% military discount. 

CPA’s and Accountants With Existing Practice

Owning an existing bookkeeping practice earns you a discount on franchise fees and helps you take your operation to the next level. You’ll be able to combine your existing skills and experience with trusted branding as well as advanced marketing and lead generation. If you’re interested in a partnership, you’ll find that we have a lot to offer each other in a franchise relationship.

E-2 Visa Applicants 

Starting a franchise gives you a streamlined, reliable means of starting a business in the US and applying for an E-2 Visa. An E-2 visa is known as the Investor Visa as the applicant is using their investment as a basis for entering and living in the United States. A flexible, dynamic bookkeeping business is perfect for enabling your application as well as ensuring you have profitable work as soon as you arrive.

Get In Touch with BooxKeeping

If any of these people sound like you, then you may be the ideal franchisee. However, many other people are suitable for a bookkeeping franchise, such as retirees. Get in touch with us and see if a BooXkeeping franchise is the right choice for you.

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