The Best Franchising Podcasts To Follow In 2022

The number of franchised businesses will grow to over 780,000 in the U.S.

With such a large sample size, franchisors need to know the ins and outs of the industry to be successful. Luckily there are valuable resources to help you navigate this complex sector.

One of the best access points is through franchise business podcasts. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best franchising podcasts in 2022. Read on to learn about podcasts that help new bookkeeping franchises thrive.

Pillars of Franchising

Ray Pillar, Kristin Selmeczy, and Fred McMurray host “Pillars of Franchising.” 

Each host owns various franchising businesses. They answer many basic franchising questions. They also provide valuable pointers on starting your own franchising business.

“Pillars of Franchising” posts about 2 episodes each month. You’ll learn all about what goes into successful franchising. The pod also defines pillars for sustainable businesses.

Franchise Simply Podcasts

Brian Keen hosts “Franchise Simply Podcasts.” He answers questions about the latest franchising news. Brian also provides tips for staying ahead in the industry.

They post two to three episodes every couple of months. Brian also interviews other seasoned franchisors about best practices and industry tips. 

Franchise Today

Franchise Today” goes over what’s going on in the world of franchising.
The hosts’ interview franchisee experts every week.

Each guest provides listeners with best practices and tips for sustainable franchising growth. 

The guests also talk about their paths toward franchising. They discuss their career paths to help guests find their own journey. Stan Friedman hosts the show and goes live every Wednesday at 12 pm ET. 

Franchise Unpacked

This franchise story podcast gets into the more creative side of franchises. Hosts Zac Rogers and Dave Meese outline the history of your favorite franchises. They often cover the entertainment industry and related sectors.

The hosts dive into how each franchise came about and their future trajectories. While they’ve only been live since 2020, “Franchise Unpacked” already has 29 high-quality episodes that all franchisors should check out. 

The Franchise Entrepreneur

Des Pheby, the founder of Wok&Go, explains the finer details of franchising a business in his podcast “The Franchise Entrepreneur.” This podcast goes into how small business owners can improve both their operations and their quality of life. 

Des offers listeners insightful analysis on how franchising fits into the current business world. He posts an episode each month and has been active since 2019. 

Franchise Secrets Podcast

Franchise Secrets Podcast” helps listeners learn tactical and practical tools for buying, selling, and growing franchises. Hosted by Erik Van Horn, this podcast provides insider information on the nitty-gritty of the franchising industry.

“Franchise Secrets” has been running since 2019 and delivers an episode each week. 

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These podcasts show that there are no shortages of excellent resources that new franchisors can do to elevate their franchise bookkeeping businesses. Use this guide to find the right podcast to improve your business today!

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