Top Loans and Grants to Buy a Bookkeeping Franchise

If you’re a veteran dreaming of running your own business, it’s time to explore purchasing a bookkeeping franchise. There are loan programs and grants specifically for veterans to help them realize their dreams of owning a business. Keep reading for valuable info about potential financing options and the benefits of investing in a BooXkeeping franchise. 

Loans and Grants for Veterans

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has a department known as the Office of Veterans Business Development (OVBD) that’s devoted to helping veterans obtain the capital they need to become business owners. It offers a tool to match veterans with potential lenders

A top loan option for veterans who want to buy a bookkeeping business is the SBA Express loan. While this loan is available for non-veterans, it has a special benefit for veterans. 

The loan program’s upfront guaranty fee is reduced to $0 for loans up to $350,000. Assuming a loan fee of 3% and a loan of $300,000, this yields a saving of $9,000.

Many community organizations and agencies have grants available to veterans. Unlike loans, grants don’t have to be repaid. Some of the organizations that offer grants to veterans are: 

  • Hivers and Strivers
  • The Streetshares Foundation
  • Warrior Rising

Why Invest in a Bookkeeping Franchise?

It’s well-established that buying a franchise allows you to become a business owner while maintaining the benefits of an established business. Franchises have already implemented a successful business model that provides a solid framework for setting up and running your business.

You’ll also receive training and guidance to help you get your business operational and solve issues that commonly plague small business owners. Another benefit of considering bookkeeping franchise opportunities is that a franchise has established branding and marketing campaigns in place to help you grow your business. 

While some larger businesses may be able to use expensive software to handle their basic bookkeeping work, small business owners don’t have the capital to invest in costly programs.  The need for bookkeeping services will continue to increase as businesses search for cost-effective alternatives for handling their payroll, bookkeeping and tax adherence tasks. 

The Benefits of Purchasing a BooXkeeping Franchise

When you invest in a BooXkeeping franchise, you join the BooXkeeping team. BooXkeeping offers access to guidance and support to make your business a success; you can even receive one-on-one training to bolster your marketing strategies. 

BooXkeeping University provides an in-depth training program so that franchise owners have the knowledge they need to run successful businesses. There’s also a Brand Standards Manual that puts the answers to the most frequent questions from franchise owners in writing. 

BooXkeeping allows you to run your bookkeeping business from your own home. You set your own hours. To show our support for veterans, we offer a 30% discount on the initial franchise fee for veterans and active military spouses. 

Ready to learn more about purchasing a bookkeeping franchise? Connect with BooXkeeping for more info!

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