Top 5 Franchise Podcasts to Ignite Your Success

top 5 franchise podcasts for 2023

The franchise world offers a unique blend of opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs, franchise owners, and those interested in taking the leap into franchising. To help you stay informed and inspired, we have put together a list of our favorite franchise podcasts. These handpicked resources will provide invaluable insights and advice to guide you on your franchise journey.

The Franchise Podcast Scene

Podcasting is here to stay. According to Insider Intelligence, there are over 117 million podcast listeners in the U.S. alone, a 10% increase from last year, and that figure is expected to rise. So why are so many people listening to podcasts? 74% of podcast listeners say they tune in to their favorite shows to learn new things. This makes podcasts an ideal medium for aspiring and current franchise owners to expand their knowledge and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Franchise podcasts cover a diverse range of topics, from business strategies to personal stories, offering a wealth of knowledge for those in the franchise world. Here are five franchise podcasts we believe you’ll find informative and inspiring.

1. The Global Franchise Podcast

Overview: The Global Franchise Podcast, brought to you by Global Franchise Magazine, features interviews with top franchise leaders and experts from around the world. The podcast discusses the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the franchise industry.

What sets it apart: We appreciate the international perspective; this podcast offers, shedding light on the diverse and ever-evolving world of franchising. It’s a fantastic resource for staying up-to-date with global trends and insights, helping franchise owners and entrepreneurs make informed decisions in an increasingly connected world.

2. Franchise Euphoria

Overview: Franchise Euphoria, hosted by franchise attorney Josh Brown, delves into the many aspects of franchise ownership, sharing tips, success stories, and advice for navigating the franchise industry.

What sets it apart: The legal perspective of this podcast, combined with the wealth of practical advice, makes it an indispensable resource for franchise entrepreneurs. It’s a go-to source for understanding the legal landscape of franchising and finding guidance on building a successful business.

3. The Smart Franchisee

Overview: The Smart Franchisee podcast features interviews with successful franchisees who share their stories, experiences, and advice on achieving success in the world of franchising.

What sets it apart: We love the actionable tips and strategies provided by real-world franchisees. This podcast offers practical guidance that franchise owners and prospective entrepreneurs can apply to their own journeys.

4. Franchise Secrets

Overview: Franchise Secrets, hosted by Erik Van Horn, aims to educate and inspire entrepreneurs and franchisees with insights, strategies, and real-life stories from successful franchise experts.

What sets it apart: This podcast covers a wide range of topics, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration for all stages of the franchise journey. It’s a great resource for understanding the nuances of franchising and discovering the secrets to success.

5. Franchising & You

Overview: Franchising & You is a podcast designed to help prospective franchisees explore the world of franchising. It offers expert advice, industry news, and interviews with franchise professionals.

What sets it apart: This podcast is an excellent starting point for those considering a journey into franchising. It offers a comprehensive overview of the industry and helps potential franchisees make informed decisions about their future in the franchise world.

Turning Up the Volume on Your Franchise Success

These franchise podcasts offer a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for entrepreneurs, franchise owners, and prospective franchisees. Each podcast provides unique perspectives and valuable insights that can help you grow your business and achieve success in the franchise industry.

To get the most out of these podcasts, actively listen and apply what you learn to your own franchise journey. So, grab your headphones, hit play, and start uncovering the wisdom and insights these franchise podcasts have to offer.

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